Puerto Chacabuco, Chile – Mountains and Sea

A few from Puerto Chacabuco the trip to the town was through the Chilean Fjords and they were spectacular.



And finally the town.


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Puerto Montt, Chile – Volcan Osorno

This was taken on a day trip out from the Zanndam to a ski area on Volcan Osorno.  We had the option of walking or taking the lifts.  Since we were stopped for an hour and the ski lift was a half hour ride each way, I elected to walk around and up the mountain looking for some decent shots.  Most of it was just views out over the lakes area but when I turned and looked up the mountain I found that I had walked nearly to the end of the first lift and I could see those who rode.  The snow cap on the mountain made for an interesting silhouette.


While I like this shot, it doesn’t really show the slope of the mountain the way it shows up with a slightly different view.


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A few more white cliffs

Apologies for not keeping up with this for a while but sometimes life gets in the way.  I’ve been busy on a couple of other projects and doing some more traveling.  One of those trips took us along the Antarctic Peninsula where we found other whiter and colder cliffs.




This trip was on Holland-America’s Zaandam from Valparaiso, Chile to Buenos Aires, Argentina with stops in Puerto Montt, Puerto Chacabuco, Punta Arenas, Ishuaia, Stanley, Falkland Islands, and Montevideo Uruguay.  Nineteen days of pleasant travel and wonderful sights to see.

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Dover, the White Cliffs and the Castle

Our cruise left Dover in Kent UK.  Since everyone has heard of the white cliffs of Dover (Bluebirds over and all that) I was looking forward to getting some pictures.  Unfortunately, it’s one of those photo things where one time of day is better than another.  In our case, we departed fairly early in the afternoon and the light was a bit dull.  I did get a nice shot of the castle and the beach from our verandah.


As we left I was hoping for better shots of the cliffs but they were predominantly in shadow so these are the best I could do.


This one gives you a sense of scale for the cliffs.  I’m not exactly sure where the above shot was taken but I think it was just a bit north of the South Foreland Light seen below.  This was the first lighthouse in the world to use an electric light.


That’s interesting because I used to live near the first lighthouse in the world to be powered by it’s own nuclear reactor!  It was also know as ‘L’ mark to the Magothy River Sailing Association.

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Windpower old and new

We’ve just returned from a trip to the UK and a cruise in the Baltic Sea.  I’ll  be posting some shots from those areas as I get along processing them.  Here are a couple taken from our Balcony on the Holland -America Ryndam in Copenhagen.  We were on the harbor side as docked and I could see a lot of small sailboats heading out the channel into the sailing basin beyond the fort.  The contrast between sails for propulsion and power generation was too good to pass up.



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Northern Cardinal – Cardinalis cardinalis

Like the Anhinga whose scientific name is Anhinga Anhinga the Northern Cardinal uses the same name twice, Cardinalis Cardinalis.

This young couple has decided to set up housekeeping in the neighborhood.  I’ve been seeing them for a while.  I’ve been watching them to try and find the nest site without much success until this evening.  It appears that they are using an infrequently used space between my next door neighbors house and the house on the other side.  I couldn’t spot the nest this evening but I did manage to get a couple of shots as they flittered around.

So, here is Mr. Cardinal


and his lovely wife.


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Sub Rosa

I was looking at one of our roses yesterday and discovered a flower spider (Thomisadae) hiding in a rose.  These maintain an anchor line but don’t spin a web to capture prey as other spiders do.  It lurks between the petals and attacks whatever shows up.  Often bees.


Their two forelegs are long and useful for en-wrapping prey.

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